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Hastings Park Restoration

Hastings Park Vancouver, BC

One of Vancouver’s oldest parks, Hastings Park dates back to 1889 and encompasses 66 hectares (162 acres) in the Hastings - Sunrise neighborhood in East Vancouver. Through an intensive community initiative, a restoration plan was prepared for the greening of the site. The centre piece of the plan is the daylighting of Renfrew Creek and the creation of the Sanctuary around a bioremediation pond. The Sanctuary, the first phase of a multi-phase restoration plan, was designed to offer both riparian and upland habitat and a trail network to the public. The collection of rainwater, the separation of stormwater and sanitary sewer, and stormwater filtration are essential elements within the design of this neighborhood park. Tours: Regular nature walks are available through Vancouver Natural History Society and the Hastings Park Stewardship Group   This post was imported from the 'Greater Vancouver Green Guide', it's part of the 'Green Guide Portal' to the Green Building Brain. READ MORE

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